Cruises come in all shapes and sizes! You’ve probably heard of Carnival and Royal Caribbean, but have you heard of Uncruise and Avalon? Maybe not. Some cruise ships hold almost 4,000 passengers, while others max out at 22 passengers. What’s your cruising style? Where do you want to visit on a cruise? Globe Getaways knows cruises. We know the big kind, the small kind, the river types, and the adventure types. We’re dedicated to find the cruise that goes where you want it to go, has the type of room you’re interested in, meets the needs of the people going on it, and maintains the budget you’re comfortable with. And what about all the other considerations that come along with the cruise? The flights to get to and from the cruise, the transfers to and from the cruise ship, the excursions you could take while in port? We’ve got that covered as well. We’d be happy to have a consultation with you to find out your needs and wants, in order to find the cruise that would best fit your needs.