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Service Fee Inclusions

  • Up to five (5) edits to your itinerary until deposit.   Additional edits $25 per edit
  • Email and, when required, a hard copy of your documents with an overview of any necessary paper vouchers or tickets.
  • Emergency contact numbers specific to your itinerary and destination
  • Booking and coordination of Accessible Travel Equipment and Supplies when needed and requested

Pricing is based on the currently stated complexity of the vacation. Changes in complexity may result in additional charges.

Terms and Conditions

Please READ, we promise these are important. Payment of service fee accepts these terms and conditions. Download a copy of the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Change and Cancellation Fees

  • A $50 cancellation fee will be charged for client-initiated cancellations of booked vacations.
  • Changes to a booked itinerary are subject to a $25 change fee
  • Vendors such as airlines and tour operators may charge a cancellation fee for which you would be held responsible. Vendor charges will be disclosed in advance on your booking documents or by your travel agent.
  • All fees are non-refundable 

2. Pricing Breakdowns

Please note per our supplier contracts, we cannot offer a breakdown of pricing for packaged vacations. 

3. Travel Insurance Acknowledgment

Emergencies can happen when you least expect them. Globe Getaways highly recommends that all clients purchase a travel insurance policy to protect their investment in their vacation. Cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and tour operators all charge high penalties for cancellation, ranging from the deposit to the full price of your vacation.  In addition, most health insurance policies will not cover you while out of the country including in international waters on a cruise. To obtain coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, your policy must be purchased at the time of booking or within 14-21 days thereafter depending on the terms of the policy.   Please understand that we are not licensed insurance agents, therefore cannot legally provide specific advice or information regarding insurance policies.  We will gladly secure a quote for you and provide information to contact the vendor for specific questions.  If Globe Getaways does not or is not legally able to secure coverage on your behalf, it is our strong recommendation that you purchase a travel policy on your own.

By paying the service fee, I am acknowledging I have read and understood the “Travel Insurance Acknowledgment” above.  Should I choose not to purchase a travel insurance policy, I accept all responsibility for declining to secure coverage. 

4. Coronavirus COVID-19 Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability & Indemnity Disclosure

In consideration of the travel opportunity presented to you by this Agency and afforded to you by the Vendors considered, the Client and travelers in Clients party, Client, by applying payment on service fee considered herein, acknowledges and agrees to the following:

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus* (“COVID-19” “Coronavirus” “Pandemic”) is a known and rapidly evolving pandemic that is affecting travel worldwide, with continued spread and impacts expected.

Client is fully aware of the current global Coronavirus COVID-19 virus outbreak, the current travel restrictions, and inherent risks involved in choosing to travel.

Client understands that it is his/her responsibility to check, understand, and comply with the latest travel information regarding this virus outbreak with the CDC, domestic governing bodies, destination governing bodies, and all vendors associated with Clients travel.

Client is aware that it is his/her personal decision to travel and is doing so with full knowledge of current travel recommendations, restrictions, and requirements with regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and takes full responsibility for his/her actions with regards to this.

Client understands and confirms that this Agency, after reasonable inquiry, has made available to client, by reference, referral, or other conveyance, the best available information known to this Agency regarding pandemic policies provided by travel suppliers and governing bodies, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruises lines, tour agencies, insurance providers, transfer agencies or any other entity involved in clients booking.

Client is fully aware that despite published disclosures of pandemic protocols of travel suppliers and governing bodies, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour agencies, insurance providers, transfer agencies or any other entity involved in clients booking, Globe Getaways has no authority or control over the implementation and adherence to these protocols of these entities.

Client is aware of the travel warnings, travel restrictions, and rules including screening and use of masks, travel insurance restrictions, and restrictions that may impede Clients ability to enter or exit a destination as planned, related to Covid-19 and understands the risks, is accepting of these and holds this Agency harmless for any travel restrictions, death, illness, cancellations by suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies or any other travel provider, financial loss, quarantining rules or measures put in place at airports or destinations Client is traveling through. Client further agrees to hold this Agency harmless for any financial penalties or fees imposed by the by suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies, or any other travel provider due to cancellations or postponements due to Covid-19 and agrees not to sue or institute a credit card dispute or “charge back” to this agency or its partners for said penalties, fees, or real or alleged damages.

Payment of the service fee is an acknowledgment of all terms and conditions listed in this form.
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