Princess® EZpay Agreement

This agreement is between you and Globe Getaways LLC and provides Globe Getaways LLC with permission to configure Princess EZpay for your reservation.

  • Payment Information

  • Payment Authorization & Cancellation Terms Acknowledgment

  • I hereby authorize Globe Getaways LLC to use this information to configure Princess EZpay for my cruise reservation. I understand that there are no interest charges or fees to use this program. I understand that this is not a financing program. I understand that I may not choose different amounts for each payment. I understand that I may only use one debit or credit card for this program and that card can not break down pricing per person. I understand that the amount charged will be the total amount owed for my journey, including any excursions or changes made during booking or post-booking in your cruise personalizer and that total is divided equally between the months remaining up to and including final payment. As this amount may change at any time due to changes by myself in the cruise personalizer, it is not possible for my agent to provide a monthly payment amount. I understand that at any time I may opt-out of the Princess EZpay program by notifying my travel agent. I understand that this process may take up to 10 business days and any scheduled payments will continue to post. I understand that opting out of this program does not cancel my cruise and simply reverts my reservation to the standard payment options. I understand that it is not possible to set my preferred payment date. I understand that if enabling this program at the time of booking, my Debit or Credit card will be charged once a month approximately 20 days after the deposit is paid, and monthly thereafter until final payment. I understand that I will receive no payment reminders from either Princess or Globe Getaways. I understand that additional payments may be made while using this program using the card of my choice. After the payment, the remaining balance will be calculated and split over the remaining months of the program.

    Additional information can be found on the Princess Cruises website.

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