photo-1421629819184-d73cb1293106According to Cruise Lines International Association, only about 20 percent of American adults have taken a cruise vacation. That means there are many people that have not yet experienced the adventure of cruising. Here are some answers to  some of the top questions we’ve heard about cruising.  Maybe this will motivate you to take your first floating vacation!  

  • Is cruising expensive?  Cruises come with a variety of price tags.  An extremely cheap ticket may be $75 per night before taxes, and on the opposite end of the spectrum are the luxury lines that charge much more.  
  • Are cruises all inclusive?  The price of a cruise includes accommodations, meals in the main dining areas, activities, entertainment, and transportation from port to port.  It does not include the cost of alcohol and sodas, special coffee or ice cream bars, alternative dining areas, shore excursions, spa treatments or gratuities.  Luxury lines may include a few more of these extras, but it varies from on cruise liner to the next.
  • Are all cruise ships alike?  No.  Each cruise line and ship has their own personality.  Some are more suited to children, some serve a more mature crowd, some are full of exciting on-board ship entertainment and rides, others are more serene.  That’s one great reason to talk to us about cruising, because we can guide you to a ship and line that fit your desires and personality.
  • Is cruising like going to Las Vegas?  Yes and No. On one hand, both cruise ships and Vegas have casinos and entertainment.  One can find adventure, fine dining, and resort features at both locations.  However, cruise ships are on water, have itineraries that include different ports, and typically smaller rooms. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, and it’s not going anywhere!  
  • Who cruises?  Everyone can have a great time cruising.  Cruise ships want to appeal to everyone.  Newlyweds can go on a cruise for their honeymoon.  Families with children enjoy time with their kids as well as fancy dinners and spa treatments while the kids are in programs meant just for them.  Mature adults can enjoy a cruise with their families surrounding them, or by themselves, with a variety of activities that would suit them.  
  • What if I get seasick on boats?  Cruise ships tend to be pretty steady, being so large.  A travel advisor may try to reserve a room in the middle of the ship, where the rocking is less pronounced than at the front and back.  There are several things that help cruisers with their queasy tummies, but if seasickness is a huge problem, a doctor can help.  They can prescribe the Transderm Scōp® patch–which can be seen stuck behind the ears of many passengers.  If you are seeking calmer waters, cruise the Caribbean or Alaska’s Inside Passage.  
  • Is cruising safe?  Yes.  Cruise lines have to follow many laws that protect guests and crewmembers while onboard.  As well, there is a required practice at the beginning of your cruise where you have to leave your room and gather for a lifeboat drill.  Everyone knows what to do and where to go in case of an emergency.  I have never felt unsafe on a cruise.  Here’s a website with more information on this subject.  http://www.cruising.org/regulatory/issues-facts/safety-and-security
  • Isn’t cruising boring?  I can’t imagine being bored on a cruise.  There are so many entertainment, leisure, and learning opportunities just on one boat. From broadway shows and spa treatments, to pools and eateries…Here’s a link with cruise critic’s list of craziest things you can do on a cruise ship.  There’s something for absolutely everyone.  http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=872
  • Will I get fat?  Honestly, unless you practice a great deal of self-control and take advantage of the on-board fitness centers, you’ll probably gain a few pounds (or more).  It’s hard to resist so many tasty choices.  It’s really up to you!  
  • Can I stay connected to the internet?  Yes, for an additional cost. And beware, the internet is not at all fast on most cruise ships… Here’s an article that gets into more detail about this question. The cruise industry knows that this can be a problem and has already begun to roll out hi-speed broadband on some of their ships. If this is important to you, let me know up front and we can target these few ships. The good news is the the major cruise lines have long term plans on how to solve this problem fleetwide.