Packing for Travel

Written by Scott Travis

September 10, 2015

I find packing for a trip to be kind of nerve wracking. But I’ve got quite a bit of experience doing it, and for the most part, end up taking what I intended.

  1. Consider where you’re going. Are you packing for a cruise, a resort, or a camping trip? Are there any special places you intend to go that have a dress code? Do you need 2 bathing suits, or none?
  2. Make a list, and check it twice. Consider making a master list. (I’ve never done it, but I should!) Remember, if you forget something, it’s usually not the end of the world. Unless it’s prescriptions. That’s quite a bit more inconvenient. As a matter of fact, make it a priority not to forget prescriptions. That, and bathing suits. It’s hard to come across one of those just anywhere that fits. OK, one more. Chargers. Don’t want to have a dead battery and no way to charge your device(s).
  3. If space is an issue, and you don’t want to take 7 pairs of shoes on a 4 day trip, plan outfits that can use the same shoes. Perhaps you have one pair of black shorts you plan on wearing with a couple of different tops, with the same pair of strappy black sandals. Therefore making less luggage to lug around, and pay fees for at the airport.
  4. Wrinkle free, the way to be. Even fancy dresses can be wrinkle resistant, so that’s what I choose when I travel.
  5. Have someone close to you quiz you. Did you remember sunscreen? Pajamas? etc. This helps me quite a bit. Or you can quiz yourself. My husband likes to visualize the trip and walk through each activity and the items he would need to complete them. Just don’t forget to visualize that your 3 year old daughter might need shoes when camping. Been there, done that.
  6. Ziplock bags–all liquids are enclosed for the inevitable spill. Enough said.
  7. Don’t forget your entertainment.  For me, that means books. Or my Kindle. My lightweight Kindle can hold many books on it, whereas books weigh a lot.
  8. IDENTIFICATION, TICKETS, PASSPORT &/or VISA (if going out of country at all!)

My memorable vacation forgets:

I have forgotten various important things throughout the years. I forgot my toiletry bag (and prescription pills) on a couple’s weekend at Hume Lake. I forgot my son’s heavy jacket on a cold camping trip. I forgot shoes for myself on a train trip from Skagway to Fairbanks. I had to wear the complementary spa slippers from the cruise ship on the train (despite having 10 pairs of shoes neatly packed in various suitcases bound for Fairbanks that had already been taken away from me). I’ve forgotten other sundry items, but those come to mind as the big oopsies!

Here’s a link for more specific packing ideas along with master packing lists for various trips.
Here’s a link for airline luggage pricing–so you know exactly how much extra they are going to charge you for each suitcase!

What have you forgotten recently? We’re all friends here. Your blunder is our smile.


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