Don’t Let Physical Limitations Stop You From Traveling

Written by Scott Travis

September 3, 2015

Traveling creates bonds and memories. Very few things or experiences bring people together like a shared laughter in a faraway place. Everyone, even those with ailments and limited mobility, should get the opportunity to experience traveling.

Making travel enjoyable for those with specialized medical needs or those with difficulty walking takes just a little extra planning and preparation.  Lucky for you, planning and preparation for travel is my specialty. I love giving the gift of travel to those who thought it was out of reach.

My partnership and training with Special Needs at Sea enables me to assist clients with special travel needs.

Difficulty walking?

Keep up with your loved ones using wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, walkers. If you get tired, no need to search out a park bench. You’ll have your very own place to rest with you at all times.

Need Respiratory Equipment?

Get a breath of fresh air on a cruise, or on a beach. Getting oxygen to your destination can be quite a hassle on your own. Doctor notes, battery life, TSA regulations, and airline policies can be overwhelming. Our streamlined system makes it easy. Don’t stress; decide where you want to go, and what you’ll need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Confined to a wheelchair?

We will get a patient lift to your ship cabin or hotel. Your travel companion can lift and transfer you safely from bed to chair or chair to toilet without undue strain. Special commodes and shower benches are also available.

Need a special bed or chair?

The clean beds and chairs delivered to your destination give you the comfort of home on your travels. Whether you need a hospital bed, add-on rails, or a crib, or a lift chair you can relax on your vacation when we take care of the furniture rentals.  

Hearing impaired?

We work with cruise lines to make your experience on board a ship enjoyable. Whether, you are traveling alone or with a group, contact us today.

Special Needs at Sea offers many other rentals as well.  Please call me at 720-593-8785 to see how I can facilitate whatever equipment would make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

Even if you don’t use special equipment at home, consider it for travel.

When I traveled on a cruise with my mother-in-law, she had a wheelchair and a scooter as well as  a wheelchair accessible cabin. She enjoyed her trip a great deal because she was able to join us for fun around the ship and at port. A friend we met on the ship did not have the same level of enjoyment while traveling. She could not keep up with her family and often felt tired from the effort of getting around. A scooter would have enhanced the trip for herself and her family.


Don’t let one turn of bad luck destroy your vacation.

Broken bones, unexpected surgery, or recent pneumonia are no fun. But life’s bumps in the road don’t have to mean the cancelling your vacation. Before you cancel a cruise or a vacation due to an injury or illness, call me! 720-593-8785


Traveler’s Insurance

Sometimes recuperating at home and traveling later makes sense.  I recommend tTraveler’s iInsurance for anyone, especially those with pre-existing conditions. For those with recent or chronic conditions like MS, tTraveler’s iInsurance it gives you peace of mind.  If you have to cancel or postpone your trip, you don’t lose the money you paid. This was especially helpful for a client of mine who had just suffered from kidney stones and was afraid they might return. Traveler’s iInsurance also gives you access to a 24 hour emergency assistance and even evacuation if necessary. I can help you choose the level of insurance that fits your needs.


Peace of Mind

It’s simple. Travel is fun for everyone. So whether you need oxygen, help with getting around, or something more specialized, let’s make your travel dreams come true.

Email me at

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